About – Who am I?

My name is Nincyface, although I go by many other aliases. I have been active in various SEO communities like Blackhatworld, /r/juststart and many more for around 7 years now with quite a bit of success.

I have tried many different methods to earn money online but the thing I have been most successful at is easily affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is both simple and complicated at once: The concept is easy. Find a good keyword that is easy to rank, write or buy good content, rank by creating, earning or buying some backlinks, optimise your CTR and your traffic will translate into money.

The hard part about this is finding the right keywords that are not just possible, but even easy to rank so you know you’re cost-effective. A saturated market is hard to break through and if you target something competitive you may find you need to invest hundreds, if not thousands to find your link on the front page of google.

I have learned that I excel in keyword research. I have researched this area extensively, and practiced my skills for finding profitable niches with low competition until I knew for sure what exactly it is that people call ‘easy to rank’. Over the crouse of the last 5 years I have built around 20 websites that have all become profitable without too much link building, and they have been relatively easy to get up there.1

What I offer on this website is not just a dream keyword that’s worthy of building a website around, I will also tell you exactly what I would do with the keyword to become profitable. I will give you a guide that details step by step what I do in all my campaigns. I’m sure these methods AND an excellent keyword with some great characteristics that I look for will help you become successful in Affiliate Marketing.